We Are Skills

A highly skilled work force plays a crucial role in delivering economic prosperity. That is why it is vital that business leaders step up to ensure we play our full part in supporting the education and skills system. Failing to do so would also damage the life chances and living standards of this and future generations.

Our members already make a difference – employing over 3000 apprentices across the region, and are involved in a wide range of initiatives to support the Education and Skills system. For example, Siemens has inspired over five million children across the UK, including many from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, to continue STEM education.

However, we must do more. Together with the Institute of Directors and the CBI we published a new Education and Skills Charter for the region. This is a contribution intended to enable local, regional, and national government to better appreciate what skills and capabilities are most important for the future of our economy.

The Charter is stimulating new discussions with key partners, locally, regionally and nationally as to how we can work together to support, influence and resource this vital agenda.

Here Sandy Lindsay, MBE, Founder and Chair of Tangerine & The Juice Academy and Chair of NWBLT’s Education and Skills Group, explains more…


North West Education & Skills Charter

CLICK HERE to download the NWBLT Skills pdf