We Are Science, Technology and Innovation

The North West has long been a hub of innovation and ingenuity – home to cutting edge research. We can lay claim to be the home of truly ground breaking historic and modern scientific advances. From the automatic power loom in the 19th Century to discovery of graphene in 21st Century, the North West does not lack the appetite or aptitude for scientific advancement.

The primary capabilities and strengths of the region in science, technology and innovation are clear. In 2014 our report ‘Exploiting the Excellence’ identified four key regional science strengths. These were confirmed in 2016 by The Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review as Advanced Manufacturing, Digital, Energy, and Health Innovation.

This year we were delighted to work with Innovate UK on a report examining the levels of Innovate UK funding coming into our region. The report makes for some stark reading and can be found here.

The NWBLT bridges the worlds of business and science. Our work is focussed upon working with our partners to promote our key strengths through our publication ‘Discovery to Delivery’ nationally and internationally to ensure they are showcased on the global stage and that new scientific advancements are supported to market.

Here David Pinder, CEO of Baxi and Chair of the NWBLT’s Science, Technology and Innovation Group, explains more…


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