We Are Productivity


The North West can boast one of the UK’s largest regional economies, with the highest manufacturing output of all – we produce 9% of the UK’s total exports. However reliance upon low-wage, low-cost industry continues to hinder growth. In 2012, GVA per job in the North West was £39,210 compared with £45,100 for the rest of the country.

We have the opportunity to be in the driving seat of the fourth industrial revolution, but only if we raise our level of ambition. We are focussed upon delivering increased investment in R&D, innovation, skills and a culture that nurtures, celebrates, and rewards enterprise.

Working closely with the National Productivity Leadership Group, Richard Carter, Managing Director of BASF, is leading our work to develop a North West action programme. This is a key strategic priority for the NWBLT moving forward, engaging with businesses from right across the region in this work.

Here Richard Carter, Managing Director of BASF UK and Chair of NWBLT’s Productivity Group, explains more…


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