We Are Essential Resources

We strongly believe the North West is in a strong and unique position to collectively work towards a more resource efficient and sustainable future. With our ever-growing advanced manufacturing sector and fantastic academic institutions we have the knowledge to make a plan and put it into action. Furthermore, our diversity as a region of big cities, urban towns and rural areas makes the North West a region of contrasts that will allow us to consider all avenues of environmental sustainability.

There is a moral justification for this, but also a clear business case to use resources efficiently and ensure business activity does not negatively affect employees and consumers.  That is why we have decided to establish a business led charter laying out how we can make the North West a region that can seize upon its resources, in energy generation, water provision and agriculture. Our region can do this whilst also ensuring invaluable business activity does not negatively impact our natural environment and the health and well-being of our residents.

As with all we do, our Essential charter is business led. However, we know environmental concerns impact us all. We are therefore seeking thoughts, comments and considerations from local and regional governments, and everyone who has a stake in our region.  To download the Charter please click below:-

Essential has the power to be something of massive scale,  built upon practical, yet ambitious, business thinking.   In order to contribute to this discussion and share your thoughts with us please  complete the Essential Survey  by 1st September 2018.

Please see the video below at the launch event for the consultation which took place at the International Business Festival in Liverpool where NWBLT members Juergen Maier and David Pinder give a business view on the issue:-


Here Professor Tim Wheeler, Vice Chancellor at the University of Chester, and Chair of the NWBLT’s Essential Resources Group, outlines the work of the Essential Resources group and the original document that was produced a few years ago…


CLICK HERE to download the NWBLT Essential Resource pdf