The Potential of AI and Robotics to Disrupt Business

The technology of the fourth industrial revolution has the power to advance our region but it will definitely disrupt many businesses behave in their respective markets.  The challenge for both companies and policy makers is to ensure disruptions caused by new technology are seized upon to enable greater business competitiveness and all round greater prosperity.

The challenge of technology disruption is commonly associated with robotics and AI. The impacts these will have on business and policy making are huge. The University of Manchester Policy department have shared with the NWBLT this fascinating report on the matter. The report outlines how “Although the challenges that companies and policymakers are facing with respect to AI and robotic systems are similar in many ways, these are two entirely separate technologies. And though they can be combined in advanced systems, stakeholders should be careful not to conflate them when developing policies for the future.” Read more of the report here.