NWBLT 2018 Annual Report

It is a pleasure to welcome you back after the Christmas and New Year break. We hope that you had a pleasant and restful end to 2018 and are excited to join us in our continued work this year.

As with every year, we expect 2019 to be incredibly busy and equally rewarding for our region. There will be many challenges this year but we are confident that the voice and expertise of our members and partners will ensure another successful and productive year for all of the North West.

Our work last year was wide ranging and had an impact across all of our Thought Leadership areas, from skills to science and innovation. As a membership organisation we know this work is only possibly due to the contributions from our members. We are also thankful for our partners who have given us invaluable time and resources over the year, ensuring that all of our work has considerable influence and backing from highly credible experts working across all areas.

As a means of reflection on our work over the past twelve months we have brought together an annual report which can be accessed here. We hope that you enjoy looking through this report, the majority of this work will continue into 2019 and as such, if you or any of your contacts wish to be involved in any particular stream of work please do let anyone at the NWBLT know that you are interested.