NCSC CEO addresses NWBLT roundtable at CYBERUK18

Cyber Security is a crucial issue for businesses and governments wishing to operate securely in the modern era.  The need to make sure that businesses, customers and the general public are safe online is paramount. However, malicious online threats are ever-changing and often hard to keep on top of. One way in which businesses can better protect themselves is by being conscious of the threats present on any given day – for example the potential threat posed by malicious cyber activity currently being undertaken by the Russian Government targeting government and private-sector organisations, critical infrastructure and internet service providers supporting these sectors.

For more information on the most current threat please see the alert here, the Q&A on the topic and the official statement. These threats are upgraded as they occur by the NCSC so please ensure you are keeping an eye on their website and twitter page.  Thank you to our members for helping us on the important topic, particularly Martin Pearson, Managing Director at URENCO, for directing us to these useful resources.

Matters such as the above exemplify the importance of cyber security for businesses – it is for this reason that the North West Business Leadership Team were delighted to host a joint roundtable event with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) at CYBERUK18 which took place in Manchester this week.  The NWBLT brings together national and international businesses in order to make the North West the best region to do business, work and live.  The Economy and Society team in NCSC also shares this aspiration and is working to raise cyber maturity and resilience across many priority sectors including SMEs, charities, academia and key industries.


Speakers included the CEO of NCSC and their Deputy Head of Economy and Society.  Talking from the industry perspective was Rick Helmsley – Managing Director for Accenture Security – who highlighted the North West business opportunities from cyber security.  The roundtable debate focussed on how to engage with the North West business community, particularly at Board level, to ensure that cyber security is top of the regional agenda.


The aim of this event was to agree steps that could be collectively taken to ensure that we are doing all we can to enhance cyber information sharing in the North West. This included being advocates for good cyber practice and ensure cyber initiatives are readily available to all companies that operate online.


Emma Degg, NWBLT CEO, chaired the session and welcomed contributions from NWBLT members around the table.  She commented “we are delighted to be working with NCSC on this important subject.  We will be pulling together a group to look in more detail at the ideas discussed today and will work up a way forward to ensure that the North West is at the forefront of cyber security”.