NWBLT Launch New Essential Charter

The NWBLT Essential Charter launched last week. The charter is the culmination of the collective ambitions of our region’s policymakers, business leaders and other stakeholders. It outlines specific environmental challenges in our region that will be best overcome by a united front of business,government and academia.

The environment in the North West is without a doubt one of our greatest assets. Protecting it, is also one of our greatest challenges.Climate change is an issue that must be tackled internationally.  However, it is clear that there is a lot that can be done on a local level. The best way to ensure that we have practical and ambitious local environmental policy is to establish collaboration between local political leaders, business leaders and other stakeholders. This is how the NWBLT acts across all of our work including our work on the environment and essential resources. Setting local targets and giving genuine instructions as to how these can be met is an example of the pragmatic work that is laid out in our new Essential Charter.

To read the charter please click here.

The inception of this charter was the 2018 Mayor of Greater Manchester Green Summit, the NWBLT were delighted to host a listening event of Greater Manchester NWBLT businesses that fed into the content of the summit. It was clear that our members felt strongly about this issue, so in addition to the content going into the Green Summit, it was decided that we should pull this work together and outline our ambitions in a charter.  In 2019 we will continue to work closely with all authorities in our region including the 2019 Green Summit in Greater Manchester where we will use this charter as a tool to express the seriousness by which our business leaders take environmental concerns within our region.